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All on Six Dental Implants Treatment; Prices, Packages, Procedure, Recovery Time, Advantages - Istanbul Turkey Dental Clinic

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We introduce you to All On Six implant treatment, which has a very high success rate with the procedures of our experienced physicians with proven reliability. All On 6 implant treatment is one of the most preferred methods for those who want to use their new teeth quickly.

All On Six Dental Implants: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding All On Six Implant Treatment

Experience the high success rate of All On Six implant treatment, a reliable solution provided by skilled physicians. This method swiftly delivers new teeth to those seeking prompt results.

Exploring All On Six Implant Treatment

dental implants Turkey
dental implants Turkey

All On Six implant treatment effectively addresses issues in both the upper and lower jaws. Tailored for individuals with complete tooth loss or the risk thereof, this treatment employs fixed dental prostheses anchored by six implants strategically positioned in the jawbone.

The Procedure and Benefits

All On Six treatment involves:

  1. Precise Implant Placement: Six implants are strategically inserted into the jawbone using advanced techniques. Even with a history of bone loss, this treatment remains viable.
  2. Balanced Pressure Distribution: Implants are positioned to distribute chewing pressure evenly across the jawbone. Customized prostheses are then placed on the implants.
  3. Swift Resolution: The procedure is streamlined, often eliminating the need for additional surgical interventions.

Three Key Stages of All On Six Implant Treatment

  1. Initial Assessment: A comprehensive evaluation of your oral condition guides treatment planning. Radiological exams and measurements determine implant positioning and prosthetic design.
  2. Surgical Implant Placement: Under anesthesia, the implants are meticulously placed according to measurements. Even patients with jawbone loss can benefit from this procedure.
  3. Adaptation and Prostheses Placement: A waiting period of about three to four months allows implants to integrate with the jawbone. Following successful adaptation, temporary prostheses are replaced by permanent fixed dental prostheses.

Post-Surgery Care

  • Allow anesthesia to wear off before eating or drinking.
  • Manage minor blood leakage with recommended tampon use.
  • Address potential swelling and bruising with cold compresses.
  • Manage post-surgery discomfort with prescribed painkillers.
  • Follow antibiotic prescriptions to prevent infection.
  • Abstain from smoking and alcohol to promote healing.
  • Contact your doctor if post-surgery symptoms persist or worsen.
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Candidates for All On Six Implant Treatment

This treatment suits:

  • Individuals with significant tooth loss or no remaining teeth.
  • Those dissatisfied with current dentures.
  • Patients averse to lengthy and costly bone grafting.
  • Individuals with chewing, speaking, and oral health issues.
  • Patients seeking a lasting, aesthetic solution.

Benefits and Comparison to All On Four

All On Six offers:

  • Fewer implants than traditional methods.
  • Streamlined treatment with faster completion.
  • Reduced need for additional interventions.
  • Improved aesthetics and function.
  • Cost-effectiveness compared to conventional treatments.

Consult a Specialist

For personalized treatment plans and cost details, consult Clinic One, a trusted provider of All On Six implant treatment in Turkey. Discover the advantages of this method and explore affordable options. Reach out to Clinic One for comprehensive consultations and solutions tailored to your needs.

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What is All On Six Implant Treatment?

All On Six implant treatment is an effective treatment method for eliminating the problems you experience with the lower jaw and upper jaw. It is a dental implant treatment that meets the needs of those who have lost or are at risk of losing all of their teeth.

This implant treatment, as it can be understood from the fact that we refer to it as All On 6; is a form of treatment consisting of fixed dental prostheses applied by using 6 implants placed in the jawbone at certain intervals and angles. At the same time, All On Six implant treatment is a treatment that does not require time-consuming procedures such as the grafting of bone material to the jawbone. It is a practical treatment that allows you to gain brand-new teeth with minimum time and expenditure.

How is All On 6 Implant Treatment Performed?

With precise measurements by our specialist physicians, six implants are carefully placed in the jawbone. Even if you have a history of bone loss related to your jawbone, do not worry; all On Six implant treatment can still offer you a solution.

Dental implants are placed with certain calculations and at appropriate angles and are positioned by evenly distributing the pressure generated during chewing to your jawbone. All On 6 Implant treatment is completed by placing your prostheses designed for you on 6 implants. Generally, in All On Six implant treatments, the patient gets rid of all his problems in a short time without the need for an extra surgical procedure.

What Stages Does All On Six Implant Treatment Consist?

All On 6 Implant treatment is a treatment that can be easily completed in three steps:

  • In the first step, the patient's current condition who comes to the appointment is defined by inspection, palpation, and function examination, and the treatment map is determined. The procedures needed in the patient's teeth and gums are listed.

Radiological examinations are performed, and measurements of the jawbone and gums are made using the latest technological possibilities. These measurements are very important for determining the location of the implants and making temporary and fixed dental prostheses. In order to achieve the purpose of All On Six implant treatment, permanent fixed dental prostheses are designed in accordance with the physical characteristics and demands of the patient. If gingival disorders are detected, they should also be treated.

  • In the second step, Appropriate anesthesia is performed for you so that you do not feel any pain during surgical procedures. Dental implants, whose locations have been determined by measurements, are placed by the patient's jawbone structure. Our doctors work very carefully and meticulously during this process.

We mentioned above that patients with a history of loss of the jawbone can also have All On Six implant treatment. Here, with the physician's experience, places for implants are opened in the most appropriate points of the jawbone. 6 implants are placed in a way that will not damage the jawbone and gums. Temporary fixed dentures are fitted immediately, and the patient uses these teeth during the treatment.

  • In the third step, During the twelve or sixteen-week waiting period required for adaptation, the implants acclimate to the jawbone. If the implants are in the correct position and properly placed in the jawbone, the jawbone will accept the implant as body tissue.

Depending on the patient's jawbone structure, accepting the implant may take three or four months. You must act in accordance with the recommendations of the physician for the smooth completion of this process. Finally, when it is understood that no symptoms are seen after the control of our physicians, temporary prostheses are removed, and your permanent fixed dental prosthesis is placed.

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What Should I Pay Attention To After All On 6 Implant Surgery?

  • You should wait for the anesthesia effect to pass so that you do not feel any pain or pain during the surgical procedure. You should be careful not to eat or drink anything for a few hours.
  • There may be a slight blood leakage in the operation area. This blood leakage, which will not be more than bleeding in standard tooth extractions, is normal. You should apply a small tampon to the relevant area as your doctor recommends.
  • Placing the implants in the jawbone may cause some tissue swelling and bruising. Simply applying a cold press will be sufficient to prevent this situation or to reduce it if it has occurred.
  • After All On Six implant treatment, you may experience pain in your gums and jawbones. You should be careful to take the painkillers recommended by your doctor at the appropriate dose and time.
  • To eliminate the risk of infection, you should use the antibiotic drugs prescribed by your doctor, paying attention to the hour intervals.
  • To prevent infection and rapid healing of the tissues in the operation area, you should avoid smoking and alcohol use during the treatment. (For your health, if possible...)
  • Conditions such as bleeding, pain, swelling, or bruising will decrease and disappear. However, you should contact your doctor if these cases do not decrease or increase.
  • After All On 6 implant procedure, you must follow the diet given by your doctor. For dental implants to easily adapt to the jawbone and tissues, you should pay attention to consuming watery foods and not difficult to chew until your permanent dentures are placed.

Who is Applied to All On 6 Implant Treatment?

  • Patients with critical tooth loss or who have no teeth left in their mouths,
  • Those who are not satisfied with their current dentures,
  • Patients who do not want to choose long and costly bone grafting treatment,
  • Those who have adaptation problems due to the dentures they use, have sores in their mouths, and have disorders in chewing and speaking,
  • Patients who complain about the service life of full denture teeth and want to get rid of the problem of frequent replacement,
  • All Son Six implant treatment can be applied to those who want an aesthetic appearance that is impossible to achieve with removable prostheses.

What Problems Can I Get Rid of With All On Six Dental Implant Treatment?

  • First of all, dental implant treatment with the All On Six method saves you from long and tiring surgical interventions,
  • Thanks to the possibility of the temporary prosthesis, being toothless during the treatment process,
  • Many ailments caused by chewing disorders,
  • From the trouble of not being able to eat or drink what you crave,
  • Due to an unhealthy diet, weakening of your immune system and making you vulnerable to diseases,
  • Facial aesthetic problems caused by edentulism or removable prosthesis,
  • Asking, “How am I seen by others?” from the question,
  • From the anxiety of appearing at an older age than you are,
  • And due to the short duration of the treatment, the risks of complications that may arise during the treatment,

With All on 6 implant treatment, you will get rid of it.

What is the Difference Between All On Six and All On Four Implant Treatment?

In principle, these two treatment methods are a treatment method that is performed by using a certain number of implants made of titanium or its alloys. In this treatment method, the implants must be placed with angles and distances calculated within the framework of the developed technique.

In both methods, the implants are placed surgically under anesthesia.

While four implants are used in All On Four (All On 4) implant treatment, 6 implants are used in All On Six implant treatment.

Situations such as the condition of the patient's jawbone and whether there is bone loss are important for choosing one of these two different implant treatments.

Depending on the jawbone structure, if the area where the implant will be placed is reduced, sometimes All On Four (All On 4) implant treatment is preferred by using 4 implants to perform the chewing functions at an ideal level. Or, with All On Six implant treatment, the method using 6 implants is preferred for maximum benefit as far as the bone ratio allows. If the jawbone is suitable, this method will offer a stronger use.

In addition, these two treatment methods differ in terms of cost. According to the number of implants used, the All On 4 implant is more economical than the All On Six implant.

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Should I Prefer All On 6 or All On 4?

The answer to this question can be given by examining the condition of the patient's jawbone and oral tissues.

For this, you should get help from a specialist doctor. We stated that All On Four implant treatment is more economical than All On Six. However, besides being economical, you should determine the one that meets your needs and, of course the most suitable for your health, together with a doctor who is an expert in the field.

In our clinic, your health is not sacrificed for a fee, and we help you choose the best treatment.

What are the Advantages of All On 6 Implants Compared to Classical Implant Treatment?

A separate implant is applied for each missing tooth in classical implant treatment. This means many implant placement operations in your jawbone. It may be necessary to strengthen your bone structure with additional treatment and grafting. The risk of infection is high, and the treatment and compliance period maybe 8 months or longer.

According to All On Six implant treatment, classical implant treatments require many sessions, and after each session, additional treatment and follow-up are required for bleeding, pain, swelling, and bruises.

In the classical implant treatment, the patient remains toothless for a long since implantation is carried out over time. In the All On Six implant treatment, 6 implants can be placed in a single session, the temporary prosthesis is attached immediately, and the patient can use their teeth throughout the treatment.

There is also the economic dimension of treatment. All On Six has more cost advantages as it requires fewer implants and does not require additional treatment, such as grafting, compared to conventional treatment.

For such reasons, the All On six implant treatment has many advantages over conventional implants.

Will All On Six Implant Treatment Contribute to My Smile Aesthetics?

If you don't have any teeth in your mouth or you have many missing teeth, you are already afraid to smile. With the All On Six implant treatment, you will get rid of these fears, and you can contribute to your smile aesthetics with the design you have made for your fixed prostheses. In addition, if you have been using a removable dental prosthesis before, this treatment will contribute to indisputable smile aesthetics in terms of appearance.

Is Regular Physician Control Necessary After All On 6 Implant Treatment?

The perception that you will depend on a dentist for the rest of your life after this treatment is wrong. It requires strict physician supervision during the adaptation process of the implants. After successful implant treatment, your daily life continues more comfortably. You should go to the controls according to the schedule determined by your dentist. Regular physician control is required in All On Six implant treatment. However, the frequency of these checks is as much as the routine checks that every healthy person should go to.

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How Much Does All On Six Implant Treatment Cost in Turkey?

One of the most frequently asked questions, "How much are the prices of All On Six implant treatment?" is the question.

The cost of an all-on-6 dental implant in Turkey ranges from $3000 to $6000.

However many parameters affect the price of this implant treatment, as in many other treatments on health. These; include dental and gingival interventions, selection of implant and prosthetic materials, and bone strengthening requirements. In addition, the design of the permanent prosthesis is made specifically for the patient.

For these reasons, you can visit our clinic and get an idea about All On Six implant treatment prices with a short examination. We want to remind you that for our patients, the quality of the service they will receive and the benefit from the treatment should be more important than the price.

In How Many Sessions Is All On 6 Implant Treatment Completed?

You complete the All On Six implant treatment in a much shorter time than conventional implant treatments. The treatment is usually completed in 2 or 3 sessions, depending on the general health status of the patient and the service he will receive.

Is All On Six More Reliable Than All On Four Implants?

Preferring one of these two treatment methods over the other is out of the question regarding reliability. Because All On six implant treatment and All On 4 implant treatment are reliable treatment methods that have been applied for years, have a high success rate, and are highly preferred.

We mentioned above the differences between the two treatments. Therefore, this is a technical situation, and it is a matter that should be decided according to the needs of the patient, with the examinations of our specialist physicians.

Can I Use All On Six Implant Right After Procedure?

We guarantee that you will not be toothless at any stage of the treatment, and our answer is: "Yes, you can use the All On six implant immediately after procedure." However, after the procedure, you should act by the following two headings:

  • When dental implantation is first performed, You can use temporary prostheses attached during the fusion of titanium implants to the jawbone with a little more care.
  • After the implants are adapted, you can use them as in your normal daily life after your permanent fixed dentures are attached.

Can I Consume Any Food I Want With All On 6 Implants?

Yes, you can consume any food you want with your permanent prostheses placed after three or four months of healing. Implants placed at six points will give you a strong chewing function.

However, with All On Four implant treatment, do not try to crack nuts with your teeth and follow your doctor's recommendations about eating and drinking, if any.

Does All On 6 Dental Implant Cause Bacteria Growth in the Mouth?

Bacterial growth in the mouth may occur after implant treatments. Undesirable bad breath may also occur due to bacterial growth in the mouth. For this, which physician you have the All On Six implant treatment and which materials you prefer is very important. Quality materials and experienced physician applies do not cause bacterial growth in the mouth. You won't have any undesirable bad breath problems.

In addition, if you do your daily oral and dental care by the doctor's advice, you can prevent bacterial growth in the mouth.

Is All On Six Dental Implant Care Difficult?

All On 6 dental implant care is very easy compared to other removable dentures. Since dentures are fixed, you can use all products for cleaning natural teeth, such as toothbrushes, dental floss, and interface brush. Caring for your dental implants is relatively easy, as you will perceive you're adapting new teeth as part of your own body.

Who Cannot Have All On Six Implant Treatment?

Anyone can have this treatment. However, there are some points to be considered for implant treatment as well as hygiene and health rules that should be considered even when cutting hair:

  • Those who are allergic to any drug or material used in the treatment,
  • pregnant women,
  • irreversible bone resorption,
  • cardiovascular system diseases,
  • those with high blood sugar,
  • nervous system disorder,
  • cancer-induced hypercalcemia, multiple myeloma, and solid tumor disease,

Those who have such ailments should share their condition with their dentists. The dentist makes evaluations with specialist physicians in case of need. Due to the evaluation, some patients with a high-risk ratio cannot have All On 6 implant treatment.

How Many Years Can I Use All On 6 Dental Implants?

The service life of the implants varies according to the dentist's experience performing the procedure, the correct procedure of the treatment procedure, the quality of the preferred material, and even the brand. It is also about the patient's compliance with the doctor's recommendations and care rules during and after the treatment. Depending on these variables, you can safely use your All On Six implants for up to 15-20 years.

Is Anyone Unsatisfied With All On 6 Implant Treatment?

Whether or not you are satisfied with this treatment is related to the procedure process. If the examination is done correctly and it is determined that the patient's jawbone is suitable for All On Six implant treatment, there will be no dissatisfaction. Because this form of treatment has been used for 20 years, and the success rate is very high. If the implants in the jawbone are placed at the right angles, and the union is ensured, there is no need to worry. However, if you are unsatisfied with the treatment, our specialist physicians will make the necessary intervention.

What is the best material to use for all on 6 dental implants? in Turkey

Since titanium fuses well with bone and is tolerated by the body, it is a biocompatible material that is used in practically all dental implants today. Zirconium, acrylic, or porcelain can be used to make the prostheses that are fastened to the implants.

How do all-on-6 implants feel? in Turkey, Istanbul

The majority of the patient's dental issues are resolved with all on six implants procedure, which promotes comfort. It allows the patient to experience the implants as though they were their own real teeth. Unlike detachable prosthesis, it does not have the characteristic of continually slipping and falling. When you have all six implants, you will most likely forget that you have implants rather than natural teeth.

Do you have to remove all your teeth for all on 6 dental implants? in Turkey

All on 6 implant treatment is a special plan to replace all the teeth in a person's mouth. This means that if there are any real teeth left, they have to be taken out. If there are still some healthy teeth, it's better to use a different treatment or other options.

What is the difference between All on 6 dental implants and tradional implant treatment? in Istanbul

Each tooth receives a customised implant under the treditional implant method. Standard implant treatment is also necessary if bone grafting, also known as sinus lifting, is required prior to this procedure. Rather than creating one implant for each tooth, six implants are inserted in the All on Six implant procedure. Furthermore, this treatment does not necessitate prior surgeries like sinus lifts or bone grafting. Six implants are inserted into the strongest areas of the bone in the event that the bone begins to melt and lose density.

The implant that is normally positioned perpendicular to the chin is positioned at an angle in this treatment. As a result, the bone may provide additional support. Recall that the cost of treatment will increase because, in a treditional implant procedure, one implant will need to be made for each tooth. With all on 6 implant treatment, recovery is quicker. because there are less operations required than with a typical implant treatment.

How painful is all on 6? in Turkey, Istanbul

All on six dental implants procedure is painless for the patient because of the numbing procedure. The medication wears off after about two hours. Following this time, the incision and opening of a jawbone socket may cause slight pain in the affected locations. One to two days following the procedure is when the pain is. obvious in modern times. By taking the medications that your doctor has prescribed, you can peacefully pass this time away. Your post-op discomfort and swelling will be effectively reduced by the cold applications you will be doing throughout this time. Swelling-related pain can be effectively reduced by keeping the head elevated. It's important to take caution not to leave cold treatments on the skin for extended periods of time. Painkillers have the potential to dilute blood and promote bleeding; therefore, it is imperative to avoid using them for pain relief.

How long does all on 6 dental implant treatment take in Turkey, Istanbul?

All On 6 dental implants lasts approximately 4 hours.

The temporary prosthesis to be placed on the upper jaw takes 2 hours, and the temporary prosthesis to be placed on the lower jaw takes 2 hours, in total 4 hours. After 4 hours, patients continue their daily lives with temporary prostheses attached. After 90 days for the dental implant surgery to fuse with the jaw, the patient is invited to the clinic for one session for permanent prostheses. This session takes 2 hours, and the process is completed.