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Emax Veneer & Crowns Treatment / Empress of Dentistry / E-max Laminate Veneers; Procedure, Pros and Cons, Prices
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Revel in Aesthetic Brilliance with Emax Veneers at Clinic One in Istanbul

Unveil the allure of your smile with Emax Veneers – a transformation that transcends both aesthetics and confidence. Clinic One, located in the heart of Istanbul, introduces you to the epitome of dental excellence, where your aspirations for a captivating smile become reality. Our leading-edge dental expertise, combined with digital dentistry's precision and a touch of 3D scanning, ensures a flawless journey towards achieving a truly radiant smile.

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The Empowerment of Emax Veneers at Clinic One

Elevate your understanding of Emax Veneers:

  • Aesthetic Liberation: Emax Veneers are your gateway to overcoming tooth-related aesthetic concerns. Our experts craft these porcelain marvels with meticulous attention, restoring your smile's vibrance and your self-assurance.
  • Digital Dentistry's Mastery: Clinic One thrives on innovation. We incorporate advanced 3D imaging and digital design to curate Emax Veneers that blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, producing a symphony of beauty.
  • Unmatched Expertise: Emax Veneers necessitate the deft touch of seasoned professionals. At Clinic One, we boast a team of skilled dentists, ensuring your Emax Veneer journey is marked by precision, comfort, and unmatched artistry.
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Experience the Emax Splendor

Discover the remarkable advantages of Emax Veneers:

  • Aesthetic Marvel: Witness your smile's transformation in record time. Emax Veneers boast superior adherence to teeth, enhancing their shape and color while offering an incredibly natural and youthful radiance.
  • Durability and Comfort: Emax Veneers are meticulously crafted with durable porcelain ceramics, ensuring they withstand abrasion and maintain their brilliance for years to come.
  • Priceless Confidence: Clinic One bridges the gap between exceptional quality and affordable pricing. Experience the pinnacle of Emax Veneer brilliance without the exorbitant costs found in the US, UK, or Europe.

Clinic One: Where Perfection is Crafted

Navigating the intricate art of Emax Veneers necessitates a blend of artistry and precision, attributes that define Clinic One's ethos. Our experts curate your smile, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision, providing a natural and harmonious beauty that radiates.

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The Empress of Dentistry: Emax Veneers

Experience the Empress - Emax Veneer journey:

  • Immaculate Planning: Your journey begins with a comprehensive 3D scan of your mouth, enabling meticulous planning for the most natural and appealing smile. This blueprint allows you to visualize your future smile and embark on the transformation with confidence.
  • The Art of Preparation: Under the guidance of local anesthesia, our skilled dentists carefully prepare your teeth, ensuring optimal veneer adhesion and minimal discomfort. Impressions of your teeth are taken to craft personalized veneers, a process that marries science and artistry.
  • Craftsmanship Unveiled: Behind the scenes, your bespoke Emax Veneers are meticulously created, layering strength with glass-infused porcelain to ensure both durability and unparalleled aesthetics.
  • Revel in Perfection: The trial phase commences, allowing you to preview your future smile's harmony, color, and shape. Upon approval, your Emax Veneers are delicately bonded using advanced dental adhesives, culminating in a transformative smile.

Embrace the Future of Your Smile

Experience the journey of a lifetime as Clinic One guides you through the remarkable transformation of Emax Veneers. Unlock a world where digital dentistry intertwines with artistic finesse, all within the enchanting embrace of Istanbul's charm.

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As well as the health problems that people experience with their teeth, the bad aesthetic appearance caused by their teeth has been quite common in the working area of dentistry in recent years. Many people apply to dentists to get rid of the bad dental aesthetic appearance they have. Considering the condition of the patients who applied because of their bad and ugly-looking teeth, It is seen that they try to hide their smiles, have self-confidence problems in society, cannot smile as they want, and start to lead an increasingly asocial life. A person's bad physical appearance due to his teeth negatively affects the psychology and social life of the person.

In recent years, aesthetic dentistry procedures have come to the fore due to the increase in these aesthetic concerns that people have because of their teeth and gums. In this context, many different treatment methods have been developed. These methods can be applied as a single or a combined method in which several are combined. Emax - empress dental veneer treatment, one of these methods, has gained popularity in recent years and has become a procedure preferred by patients with aesthetic concerns. This article will give detailed and comprehensive answers to the questions about empress - Emax Veneer.

What are Laminate teeth Veneer treatments?

Many people today are dissatisfied with their appearance. In this context, the most common appearance problem is caused by teeth. Patients turn to different aesthetic dentistry practices to solve the problems they have experienced in aesthetics, primarily due to their teeth' shape, color, fracture, decay, and lack of teeth. In this context, the Emax procedure, one of the porcelain tooth veneer methods, will help you solve your color, shape, and smile problems on your teeth, provide you with the best results, and achieve perfect dental aesthetics. For this purpose, the first thing you need to do for the Emax procedure is to visit our clinic and get information on how to solve your problems with a detailed evaluation by our dentist. With the evaluation made in this context, the most suitable tooth color, shape, and material for it will be determined for you, and the last aesthetic image you will get after the Emax process is revealed.

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What is Empress - Emax Veneer?

People who cause the deterioration of smile aesthetics; can solve problems such as discoloration and staining of their teeth, shortening of their teeth, elongation of the gums, and loss of vitality of their teeth with Empress - e max veneer, which is used quite frequently in aesthetic dentistry today. Thanks to the Empress - e max veneer method, patients gain a very aesthetic appearance similar to natural teeth.

Empress - Emax Veneer is one of the porcelain tooth veneer procedures, also known as full porcelain among the people. Unlike other veneers, metal materials are not used in the Empress - Emax Veneer process. Instead, a material with a more aesthetic appearance is quite durable, has very good light transmittance, and is formed by strengthening the porcelain material with glass support is used. Thus, empress - Emax tooth veneer process is performed with a material consisting entirely of porcelain ceramic.

What is Empress - Emax Veneer?

Empress - Emax Veneer is a dental veneer process produced from high-strength porcelain, which is adhered to the front surface of the teeth in thin layers and applied specifically to the person. Thanks to the Empress - Emax tooth veneer process, the teeth' function, and appearance are improved. An important difference distinguishing the Empress - Emax Veneer process from other veneer methods is that they are installed without too much tooth abrasion.

Empress - e max veneer process is widely used in aesthetic dentistry procedures to eliminate aesthetic problems in anterior teeth. However, the porcelain ceramic material used in the empress-Emax tooth veneer process can be used for the aesthetic veneer of teeth other than the front teeth, thanks to its resistance against the chewing force of the posterior teeth.

What are the Pros and Cons of Empress – Emax Veneer?

As with every treatment method, empress - Emax Veneer procedure has pros and cons. These aspects are the elements that will help patients make their decisions about whether to choose this treatment.


  • Getting results in a very short time and fast
  • Much better adhesion to the tooth than other veneers
  • Making the teeth in the desired shape
  • The level of liquid absorption, which causes staining on the teeth, is much lower than other veneers
  • Creating a more natural and youthful smile aesthetic
  • Having a brighter and smoother surface
  • Providing a more aesthetic smile by obtaining the closest image to natural teeth due to high light transmission rates.
  • It is made of extremely durable material against abrasion and breakage.
  • It does not cause allergic reactions or other problems in the mouth because it does not contain a metal structure, and the material's biocompatibility is high.


  • It is an extremely sensitive procedure that an experienced and expert dentist should apply.
  • It does not allow the procedure of long bridges on the posterior teeth due to its extremely hard and brittle feature.
  • More expensive compared to other dental veneers
  • Inspection, planning, design, and production phases need to be well planned

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To Whom Can Empress - Emax Veneer Be Applied?

The empress - Emax Veneer process, generally applied in aesthetic improvements to the anterior teeth, can be applied when a healthy and aesthetic tooth image is desired. These;

  • People who have problems with discoloration and staining on their teeth for different reasons over time and want to regain their natural appearance.
  • People with wear and deterioration in their teeth for different reasons and want a more aesthetic dental appearance.
  • People who have had many repairs in their teeth and have an aesthetically bad dental appearance.
  • People with mild tooth misalignment want their teeth to look straighter.
  • People who have a shorter tooth appearance after gingival elongation and who want longer tooth lengths
  • For people who want a more aesthetic and younger smile aesthetic.
  • People with gaps in their front teeth want these gaps to be closed.
  • People who do not get the desired result from the teeth whitening treatment and want to have whiter teeth.
  • People with cracked and broken teeth caused by trauma

A more aesthetic smile can be obtained by applying empress - e max veneer to people in the above situation.

How is Empress - Emax Veneer Applied in Turkey, Istanbul?

The Empress - Emax Veneer process is carried out as follows;

Planning: First of all, images of the patient's mouth are taken with the help of 3D cameras and transferred to special software in the computer environment. In this software, the dentist carries out a planning and design process to obtain the most natural and aesthetic smile according to the wishes and needs of the patient, taking into account the current state of the patient's mouth. Thus, the final state of the teeth will be shown to the patient before the treatment is started. This procedure, also called mock-up work, allows the patient to start the treatment more comfortably and confidently.

Preparation: After the planning phase, empress - e max veneer procedure is started. First, local anesthesia is applied to ensure the patient does not feel pain and pain. Shaping and roughening processes are performed for better adhesion and placement of the veneers on the tooth surface to be covered with Empress - Emax Veneer. The size of the teeth, which are brought into the appropriate shape and shape, is taken to produce the veneers to be bonded. These measurements are sent to the laboratory, and Empress - Emax Veneer production is started.

Production: According to the measurements received in the laboratory, veneers of personal color, shape, and structure are produced. In this context, Empress - e max veneer is produced by depositing glass on the porcelain material under high pressure. After production, the veneers are polished and sent to the dental clinic.

Rehearsal and Bonding: Empress - Emax Veneer produced in the laboratory are pre-tested in the patient's mouth before permanently bonding. In this process, Empress - Emax Veneer are evaluated in terms of color, shape, compatibility with natural teeth, and size. Suppose everything is suitable, and there is no need for any correction process. In that case, the Empress - Emax Veneer are adhered to the patient's teeth using special dental adhesives, and the procedure is completed.

How is Oral and Dental Care Performed After Empress - Emax Veneer?

After the Empress - Emax Veneer process, routine oral and dental care is the main factor in the longevity of your dental veneers. In this context,

  • Brushing teeth twice a day
  • Cleaning between teeth using dental floss
  • gargling

Apart from this, Empress - Emax veneers are important for a healthier and longer life of your Empress - e max veneers in procedures such as not breaking hard-shelled foods and avoiding extremely hard and solid foods, as in natural teeth.


Does Empress - Emax Veneer Have Decay in the Tooth?

As a result of the extremely smooth surface of Empress – e max veneers, bacterial plaque that causes dental caries does not occur and shows a protective feature against tooth decay. In addition, since it is produced from a highly biocompatible material that does not have any negative effects on the gums, it has no allergic or infectious effects. Patients treated with Empress – e max veneer will not face any tooth decay problems if they regularly do oral and dental care.

Will My Gums Retract After Empress - Emax Veneer?

The porcelain ceramic material used as Empress - Emax veneer material does not cause any allergic reaction or inflammation in the gums, thanks to its high biocompatibility. In addition, the smooth and slippery surfaces of Empress-Emax Veneer materials prevent the formation and development of bacterial plaque on the tooth surface, which causes gum diseases and inflammation. In this way, it shows a protective feature on the gums. Thanks to these features, Empress - Emax veneer procedure does not cause a gingival recession and also shows a protective feature against gingival recession.

Empress - Does Emax Veneer Fall off? Will it break?

Since Empress-Emax veneers are fixed to the natural tooth surface with dental adhesives with very strong adhesive properties, they do not fall, come off or dislodge on their own. Empress-Emax veneers are extremely durable and resistant to breakage, thanks to their resistance to high-pressure forces. However, traumas that can cause breakage in natural teeth can also cause breakage in empress-Emax veneers. For this reason, protecting your empress-Emax veneer from impacts that may cause breakage as much as possible is beneficial.

Will I be toothless until my Empress - Emax Veneers are Produced?

For the empress-Emax veneer process, the teeth are eroded and shaped until your empress-Emax veneers are produced in the laboratory; by attaching temporary veneers, it is ensured that you do not experience problems in terms of both aesthetics and dental health. Thus, you will not be toothless after the abrasion and shaping process on your teeth.

Are Empress - Emax Veneer Prices Expensive?

Empress-Emax Veneer prices are slightly more expensive than other veneer methods. However, empress-Emax tooth prices are low compared to other veneers, as it has the most similar appearance to the natural tooth and is extremely durable and durable. However, since empress-Emax Veneer is a personalized treatment, giving an average empress-Emax Veneer price is difficult. Empress-Emax Veneer prices may differ according to the needs and wishes of the patient, the number of veneers to be made, and the quality of the material used. Please contact our clinic for the healthiest and most accurate information about Empress-Emax Veneer prices.

Does Empress - Emax Veneers Cause Bad Breath?

The main factor that causes odor in the mouth is the bacteria in the mouth. In cases where the necessary oral and dental care is not performed, these bacteria develop and accumulate in the form of bacterial plaque on the teeth and gums and cause bad breath in the person. However, with its slippery and smooth structure, empress-Emax veneers prevent bacteria from accumulating on tooth surfaces, preventing bacterial growth on tooth surfaces, thus preventing bad breath. Again, thanks to the biocompatibility of the material from which empress-Emax veneers are produced, there is no halitosis problem since it does not cause any disease that may cause bad breath in the gums.

How Long is the Empress - Emax Veneer Life?

One of the questions in the minds of those considering Empress - Emax Veneer is how long they last. The patient himself is the determining factor in the life of Empress - Emax Veneer. If the patient takes care of personal oral and dental care and uses Empress - Emax Veneer carefully, they can have a useful life of 10-15 years. Otherwise, Empress - Emax tooth veneer life will be shorter.

Does Empress - Emax Veneer Have Staining and Coloring?

The problem of discoloration and staining, one of the questions asked by people who have Empress - Emax Veneer, especially for their front teeth, is a very rare situation to experience in Empress - Emax Veneer. Because Empress - Emax Veneer are extremely slippery and have an impervious outer surface, unlike natural teeth, thanks to this feature, the factors that cause discoloration and staining cannot adhere to the Empress - Emax tooth veneer surface. Thus, the problem of discoloration and staining does not occur on the teeth.