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Hollywood Smile / Smile Makeover / Digital Smile Design in Turkey; Packages, Prices, Procedure, Benefits - Istanbul Dental Center

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Discover the magic of a Hollywood Smile with Clinic One – your ultimate destination for smile transformation. Offering swift, affordable solutions, Clinic One has garnered praise from delighted patients. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a dazzling smile that radiates confidence.

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dental implants Turkey

Why Hollywood Smiles Matter?

More than just teeth, Hollywood Smiles elevate your self-esteem and overall well-being. Many hide their smiles due to dental imperfections, impacting their mental state. With Clinic One's Hollywood Smile, tensions fade away, and you embrace life's joys.

The Process Unveiled

Under the skilled hands of our experienced dentists, your journey to a Hollywood Smile unfolds in three simple steps:

  1. Assessment and Planning: Your aspirations meet dental expertise. Through meticulous examination and digital mapping, our dentists craft a personalized design that suits your facial structure.
  2. Tailored Treatment: A range of procedures, from teeth whitening to implants, create the Hollywood Smile you desire. White aesthetics (teeth-related) and pink aesthetics (gums-related) combine to ensure a comprehensive transformation.
  3. A Confident You: In minimal time, your Hollywood Smile becomes a reality. Say goodbye to old fillings, tooth decay, and gum issues. Embrace a life where your smile reflects your inner vibrance.
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Experience the Benefits

A Hollywood Smile from Clinic One brings you:

  • Enhanced Appearance: Teeth whitening, corrections, and enhancements result in a captivating smile.
  • Boosted Confidence: No more hiding your smile. Interact confidently with a grin that dazzles.
  • Holistic Wellness: A beautiful smile reduces stress, promotes heart health, and boosts your immune system.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Clinic One's Hollywood Smile ensures a healthy mouth for years to come.

Make it Memorable

Combine your treatment with a delightful Istanbul getaway. Bring your family along for a memorable holiday while you achieve your dream smile. Istanbul's charm and Clinic One's expertise make for an unbeatable combination.

Unlock Your Quote

For a personalized treatment plan and pricing tailored to you, connect with Clinic One's expert dentists. Your journey to a Hollywood Smile begins with a consultation that paves the way for a radiant, confident you. Contact Clinic One today for the smile you deserve.

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The importance given to oral and dental care is increasing Day by Day. However, "smile design," one of the dentistry procedures, has also become very popular. In addition to having healthy teeth, it has become necessary to have a Hollywood Smile that positively affects the psychology of the individual and gives meaning to his life.

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When you smile, you are not satisfied with the appearance of your teeth and gums; many people cannot smile as they feel like trying to hide this image by constantly pursing their lips or covering their mouths with their hands. The biggest benefit of laughing is to reduce tension. However, since many people cannot laugh freely and have to hide their smiles, their tension increases rather than decreases. It is possible to eliminate all these tensions and stress with Hollywood Smiles.

It is very easy to achieve satisfactory results in the field of smile design after the knowledge and skills in the field of dentistry meet with technological opportunities. With the practices of experienced dentists, hundreds of people start a new life every day. If you want a Hollywood Smile just for you by having a dental design, you can take the first step by contacting our clinic.

What is Smile Design?

Smile design gives a new Hollywood Smiles to the person by removing the situations that disturb the person aesthetically and negatively affect the appearance of the teeth and gums. Disorders such as caries, yellowing, crooked teeth, gaps in the gaps, incorrect restoration procedures, gingival lines exceeding the normal limits, or gingival recession prevent individuals from smiling comfortably.

In addition to eliminating tooth and gum problems with smile design, it is also possible for individuals to have the Hollywood Smiles they desire. With the Hollywood Smile, the person can decide how the teeth and gum line will look and how he wants to look when he smiles.

Our dentists offer an Hollywood Smile suitable for the facial features of the patients who come to them for health reasons or aesthetic expectations, according to their jaw, lip, and nose structures. The effect that people who care about their appearance will leave on their interlocutors gains integrity with an aesthetic smile. In this way, those who receive dental design services from our clinic both feel more comfortable psychologically and leave a positive impact on the people they communicate with.

What is Hollywood Smiles? in Turkey, Istanbul

What is Hollywood Smiles? Why is Hollywood Smiles Important?

We can define the concept of Hollywood Smiles as the sense of appreciation that a smile evokes visually. In this case, a beautiful smile is naturally desired by everyone. Because laughing has many benefits, from preventing stress to reducing heart ailments, from strengthening the immune system to anger control, those who have Hollywood Smiles feel more comfortable physiologically and psychologically. They make peace with mirrors and remove the barriers between them and society.

Hollywood Smiles and smile design are generally used in the same sense. The smiling image you get after the smile design creates your Hollywood Smiles.

How to Make an Hollywood Smile? What Stages Does the Procedure Consist of?

The types of treatment required by each patient are different; accordingly, dental design is made. The treatment takes a very short time in some patients, while sometimes, it can take weeks. The stages applied by our experienced dentists in making Hollywood Smile are as follows:

Examination, Design, and Planning of Required Treatments:

First, the patient's expectations about dental design are learned. The patient is examined. The patient's mouth structure is transferred to the digital environment with special techniques and programs; necessary measurements are made. The dentist designs a digital smile on teeth and gums by the patient's expectations, current facial structure, and jaw, lip, and nose measurements. The patient examines this design in the digital environment and approves it if they like it. Then, a treatment plan is prepared for the detected tooth and gum problems with the procedures that will meet the patient's expectations determined in the oral and dental examination. At this stage, as needed:

The patient examines this design in the digital environment and approves it if they like it. in Turkey, Istanbul
  • Teeth whitening process (Bleaching)
  • Replacing distorted fillings
  • Removal of dental caries
  • If there is calculus formation, its removal
  • Gum diseases; gum recession or gum smile treatment
  • Orthodontic treatment if there is severe crowding in the teeth
  • Correction of length differences or spacing of teeth
  • Implant treatments for missing teeth
  • When necessary, procedures such as porcelain, zirconium, empress-emax, or laminated veneer are applied.

One or more of these treatments can be used depending on the case.

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Aesthetic Procedures and Completion of the Treatment:

If the dental design is performed by performing operations such as calculus cleaning, teeth whitening, or gingival line leveling for short teeth, the treatment can be completed by performing these procedures on the same day. Apart from these, if porcelain, zirconium empress-emax, or laminated veneers are preferred on the teeth, the veneers made by applying the appropriate procedures are adhered to the patient's teeth and the treatment is completed. You can find detailed information about these procedures in our articles on Porcelain Veneer, Zirconium Veneer, Laminate Veneer, Empress-Emax Veneer, and Implant Treatment.

What are White Aesthetics and Pink Aesthetics?

Among the treatments we mentioned in the procedure stages of Hollywood Smile, Those related to teeth, such as teeth whitening, calculus cleaning, and gaping or crooked teeth, are called white aesthetics. Those related to the gums, such as gingival recession and gum smile (gummy smile), are called pink aesthetics. According to the evaluations of the dentist, one or both of these aesthetic procedures can be used in Hollywood Smile.

Does Hollywood Smile Deteriorate Oral and Dental Health?

After this treatment, you are cured of many problems related to your oral and dental health that you are aware of or not. You will take precautions against tooth and gum diseases. Your teeth and gum tissues will have healthily fulfilled their functions for many years. With an Hollywood Smile, you will lead a safe life in your oral and dental health. This treatment does not impair your oral and dental health.

What are the Benefits of Smile Design Procedures?

Thanks to the procedures used in this treatment, those who have a smile design provide the following benefits:

With teeth whitening (bleaching), the tone of your teeth is improved several times.

You get rid of old and bad-looking dental fillings.

You prevent further destruction of dental tissues by dental caries.

With tartar cleaning, your teeth will look more beautiful, and you will prevent gum recession.

Conditions such as crowding, gaps, height differences, and lack of teeth in your teeth are eliminated.

You smile with complete confidence, without the need to hide your teeth.

You will make peace with yourself and your environment and become active.

You start to add joy to life with your perfect Hollywood Smile.

Thanks to the Hollywood Smile, you look young and dynamic.

What is Hollywood Smile?

What is Hollywood Smile? in Turkey, Istanbul

Hollywood smile refers to the dental designs applied to the actors who took part in the Hollywood movies that everyone watches with liking. However, it has replaced the concept of smile design. Because this form of treatment was first applied to Hollywood stars, and when successful results were seen, it spread worldwide. Those who will have a dental design sometimes state that they want to have the smile of a movie star, which they show as an example. If the patient's facial features, and mouth and jaw structure are suitable for this procedure, it is possible to have a Hollywood smile that resembles a movie star. Our patients can also benefit from other samples applied in our clinic and can choose from among the characteristic smile design types.

Can Anyone Get a Hollywood Smile?

The smile design of some Hollywood stars, active in movies, social media, and constantly in the spotlight, never loses popularity. Dentists can make personalized tooth designs by using the techniques mentioned above in line with the patient's demands. However, suppose the patient especially wants to have a Hollywood smile. In that case, the physician should evaluate many factors, such as the patient's face shape, jaw structure, teeth, and gums. Hollywood Hollywood Smile designs, which are possible with the methods applied by the dentist, can be made.

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What are the Types of Smile Design?

Apart from the Hollywood Hollywood Smiles we have just mentioned, there are also characteristic Hollywood Smiles. These designs are preferred according to the gender, age, profession, and social status of our patients. With these designs, which are preferred for various reasons, people gain a more effective expression power thanks to their smile design. The most preferred of these tooth design types are:

Persuasive Smile:

Remarkably brightened teeth are rounded. It is preferred by those who want to increase their persuasion ability.

Impressive Smile:

It is used by those who want to make a significant impact on the people in front of them in every environment they enter. In this way, it is also possible to gain an advantage over the people you have a dialogue. These features of the canine teeth, which are naturally sharp and pointed, are increased impressively, and the front teeth are made prominent by giving them a rounded square shape.

Attractive Smile:

People with this smile design look more attractive. It is highly preferred by those who want to impress others with its attractiveness. It is a smile design in which the front teeth are significantly longer.

Sporty Smile:

It is a Hollywood Smile preferred by those who feel young and dynamic at any age. It is a type of smile in which the teeth in the middle of the incisors on the sides are designed a little longer.

Intellectual Smile (Wise Smile):

It is the tooth design that mostly middle-aged people want to have concerning their career and status. Those who have this design have the opportunity to reflect their intellectual personalities more effectively. The designed teeth appear to be equal in length and flatter.

There are other tooth designs with different designations and characters. It is very important to make a design suitable for your facial features and social status by getting help from an experienced dentist. No one wants to encounter a result that they are not satisfied with. You can have the aesthetic smile you want by coming to our clinic.


How Much Are Smile Design Prices?

Many different procedures are used when designing an aesthetic smile. The treatments required for the design desired by each patient vary according to the type of design and the level of readiness of the patient's existing mouth and tooth structure. Smile design prices depend on how many treatment types we mentioned will be applied. In addition, the domestic or foreign origin of the materials used in the treatments is also effective in the prices of Hollywood Smiles.

An Hollywood Smile is a form of treatment applied specifically to the patient. A general smile design pricing is not possible. For this reason, you can make an appointment with our clinic and learn about the prices of special dental design and Hollywood Smiles.

How Much Are The Prices Of The Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile prices vary according to the dental procedures required for the preferred Hollywood Hollywood Smiles. For this reason, the factors mentioned above are effective in price formation. It is not possible to give the price of a standard Hollywood smile.

How long does it take to make an Hollywood Smile?

The completion time of the design varies according to the type and number of treatments that will meet the patient's expectations. To the extent the intervention allows, Hollywood Smile can be done within a week to ten days.

What is Gummy Smile? How Is Gummy Smile Treated?

A gum smile is a situation where the gums appear too much due to the lips being lifted too high when the patient smiles. The patient may feel uncomfortable with the resulting image when the gums are in the foreground more than they should be. In some patients, this may occur even with normal speech function.

This irritating situation can be eliminated in a short time with the treatment method we call pink aesthetics. Different procedures are preferred according to the structure of the patient's teeth. If the patient's teeth are short, the gingival level is re-leveled with laser or electrosurgery, and the teeth are brought to the fore. The gums are pulled to the level they should be visible.

If the patient's tooth is long, gingival smile can be treated by repositioning the lips (lip repositioning).

In addition, lip level adjustment can be performed with the botox procedure, which is one of the aesthetic operations.

Does Smile Design Damage My Teeth?

The designs applied in our clinic it is not allowed to damage the teeth and gums of our patients. Our dentists always intervene to improve our patient's oral and dental health. The procedures applied during smile design, porcelain, zirconium or empress-Emax veneers, and laminated veneers ensure that the teeth are more protected against external factors. For this reason, your teeth will not be damaged in the smile design processes you have made.

Does Having Tooth Design Cause Gum Recession?

The procedures needed when designing a smile are normal treatment procedures and are methods that have been used successfully for years. Of these treatments, the most curious is whether full tooth veneers and laminate veneers damage the gums. When these procedures are made with sensitivity by an experienced dentist, they do not cause gingival recession.

In addition, some are worried about the recession of the gums after the treatment of a gingival smile. Since the gums regressed to their normal level after the treatment, there is no gum recession unless there is another gum disease.

Is Smile Design Permanent?

Depending on the dentist's experience performing the procedure and the treatment methods, some Hollywood Smile procedures may be permanent. Sometimes, the permanence of the smile design may change depending on the life of the material used in the procedure.

I Had Hollywood Smiles; What Should I Pay Attention To?

Our patients should first learn what treatments are applied during Hollywood Smile and if there is special care for these treatments. For example, patients with leaf veneer should avoid contact with foods that are hard to force the teeth. Those with dental designs should get into the habit of doing oral and dental care regularly.
To preserve the Hollywood Smiles obtained for many years, the recommendations of the dentist should be followed, and controls should be made at specified intervals.

What are the Risks of Smile Design Practice?

Deciding on the smile design that patients want is very important. Because most of the procedures can be changed again later, but some procedures are irreversible. For example, the gums of a patient whose gum line has been leveled with laser or electrosurgery cannot be returned to their original level. There is no risk in Hollywood Smile procedures that have been decided correctly and applied correctly.

Is Smile Design Possible in One Day?

Although it may seem impossible, in some patients, dental design can be done in one day. It is possible to get excellent results with small touches depending on the condition of the patient's teeth and gums. In these cases, the patient can leave our clinic with a new smile on the same day.

Are the teeth cut during tooth design?

One of the situations that cause patients to worry is whether the teeth are cut during tooth design. Healthy teeth are not cut in any treatment. In some procedures, the tooth to be coated may need some rasping. This process is limited to the enamel layer and does not harm the tooth as it is covered with an extremely durable veneer material.