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How to do a Smile Makeover - Hollywood Smile? in Turkey, Istanbul Dental Clinic

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Step 1:

Hollywood Smile Preliminary Examination, Planning, and Design: The most important stage of smile design practice. Because at this stage, the whole process is planned and designed considering the patient's expectations and current situation. The next process is carried out according to the planning made at this stage. In this context, the following operations are carried out;

How to do a Smile Makeover - Hollywood Smile? in Turkey, Istanbul
  • The patient's mouth is scanned with special cameras, and a 3D image is obtained. These images are transferred to the computer environment
  • Photographs are taken from different angles to determine the current smile status of the patient.
  • Considering the current situation and the patient's expectations, the work and procedures to be done and their order is determined. The planned smile design for the patient is revealed.
  • The image obtained from the smile design is shown to the patient in the computer environment, and information is given about the procedures to be performed. According to the wishes and needs of the patient, new arrangements are made if necessary, and the smile design is given its final shape.

Step 2:

Implementation Stage: The necessary actions are started according to the planning made in the previous stage. In this context, some of the following procedures can be applied to the patient, depending on the patient's condition and the smile design plan. These;

  • Cleaning of dental calculus
  • Orthodontic treatment of teeth with misalignment
  • Restoration of decayed and broken teeth
  • Treatment of gum diseases
  • Applying Hollywood teeth whitening when necessary
  • Procedure of aesthetic procedures such as zirconium and porcelain veneer,, laminate veneers lengthening of teeth, determination of smile line
  • Perfecting smile aesthetics with other aesthetic procedures such as cheek filling and lip filling, if necessary, after aesthetic touches on teeth and gums.
  • Completing the smile design process, giving the necessary information about the issues that need attention to the patient and how to do personal oral and dental care.

The basic principle in the smile design process is to improve the aesthetics of the smile by protecting the natural teeth. For this purpose, a treatment plan is made and applied in a way that will cause the least damage to the natural teeth.

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