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Porcelain Dental Veneers Turkey: Prices - Types of Porcelain Veneers; Porcelain, E-max, Zirconium - Advantages - Packages
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Transform Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers at Clinic ONE in Istanbul!

Experience the remarkable elegance of porcelain veneers, meticulously crafted by Clinic One's Chief Dentist and Founder, Kubra Ant. With a proven track record of thousands of successful porcelain veneer cases, Kubra Ant ensures breathtaking results that seamlessly combine affordability with unmatched aesthetics. Our process is designed to be effortless and painless, ensuring you achieve a luminous smile that shines.

Unveiling the Beauty of Porcelain Dental Veneers

Are you curious about the enchanting world of porcelain dental veneers? Your quest ends here. Clinic One understands your desire for perfection, addressing concerns about damaged or irregular teeth. Patients who have hesitated, fearing the process, can now relish their favorite treats, confidently engage socially, and revel in the freedom to express themselves through an unblemished smile.

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dental implants Turkey

Embark on Your Porcelain Veneer Journey

Navigating the path to your ideal smile is straightforward:

  1. Expert Guidance: Kubra Ant and her team offer comprehensive insights into porcelain veneers, elucidating how this transformative treatment can rejuvenate your smile.
  2. Personalized Approach: Our adept dentists curate tailored treatment plans, ensuring your porcelain veneers harmonize flawlessly with your natural teeth. The integration of cutting-edge technology guarantees precision and excellence.
  3. Radiant Outcomes: Bask in the brilliance of your revitalized smile. With our streamlined procedure, you'll be flaunting your reimagined appearance in no time.

The Porcelain Advantage at Clinic One

By choosing Clinic One, you unlock a realm of advantages:

  • Artistry in Aesthetics: Our porcelain veneers exude elegance, mirroring the authenticity of your natural teeth while enhancing your smile's allure.
  • Effortless Experience: Under the guidance of experts, embrace a pain-free journey that transforms your smile without any hassle.
  • Affordable Elegance: Clinic One seamlessly merges top-tier dental craftsmanship with accessible pricing, offering you an unsurpassed combination of quality and value.
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Elevate Your Experience in Istanbul

Elevate your porcelain veneer journey by immersing yourself in Istanbul's allure. As we craft your dream smile, seize the opportunity to explore the enchanting city and create memories that last a lifetime.

Embrace the Porcelain Radiance

Ready to embrace the elegance of porcelain veneers? Reach out to Clinic One for a personalized consultation. Allow Kubra Ant and her team to redefine your smile through porcelain veneers that embody beauty, authenticity, and confidence. Contact us today to embark on your journey towards a luminous smile that reflects the brilliance within you.

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It is seen that some of the patients who prefer our clinic for treatment have concerns about porcelain tooth veneer. For this reason, it has been revealed that patients have lived without teeth for years or have to endure physical and psychological problems due to deformities in their teeth. Our patients, who delayed the porcelain veneer treatment, were deprived of many foods for no reason, always felt the need to hide their teeth in the social environments they attended, and could neither express themselves comfortably nor smile to their heart's content.

If the porcelain tooth veneer treatment is done in the right hands, there is no situation for the patients to worry about. When we look at the history of humanity, the first use of porcelain dates back to four thousand years ago. Porcelain, which is used in many different areas, was first used in porcelain tooth production in the 1700s. Porcelain veneer, offered by today's technology as a product of nearly three centuries of knowledge, is a form of treatment that has proven its reliability.

You, too, have ignored or had to endure for years; You can get rid of tooth deficiency, deformity or aesthetic defects by having porcelain tooth veneer.

You can read the rest of our article to learn how this treatment is done, what the types are, whether there are any drawbacks, and the prices of tooth veneer.

What is Porcelain Veneer?

What is Porcelain Veneer? in Turkey, Istanbul

Over time, our teeth wear out, change color, rot, congenital crookedness, discrepancy, or aesthetic disorders may occur later. Tooth loss can occur for any reason. In these cases, the dental veneer method applied in producing prostheses to replace damaged teeth or the missing tooth is called porcelain tooth veneer.

Our natural teeth have the usual non-transparent appearance; dental veneers try to mimic this. Our teeth pass light to a certain extent and create an aesthetic appearance according to the thickness of the tooth tissue. Porcelain also offers a light transmittance close to natural tooth tissue due to its structure.

The part we call the crown is the visible part of the tooth on the gums, where we make the aesthetic evaluation of the tooth. Therefore, those who want veneer teeth mostly prefer this treatment method for their front teeth for aesthetic purposes. A porcelain veneer can also be used for molars on the back in terms of durability. In addition, there are many different procedures, such as bridge construction for missing teeth, and full jaw prosthesis construction, with or without metal infrastructure. In the sub-titles of this article, you can find the necessary information about the aforementioned topics.

How is Porcelain Veneer made?

At the beginning of our article, we mentioned that some patients approach this form of treatment with anxiety. We want our patients to know that there is no need to worry about this veneer procedure, which has been used for many years. Now, let's explain how the porcelain tooth veneer treatment is done and what the patient will experience at all stages of the treatment.

What is Porcelain Veneer? in Turkey, Istanbul
  • At the patient's first meeting with the dentist, the patient is given general information about the treatment. It is explained in which cases this treatment is applied. Then, the examination starts to decide on the patient's treatment. The dentist receives information about the oral and dental treatments that the patient has seen in the past. The oral and dental problems of the patient are determined, the priority treatments are determined, and a treatment plan is drawn up accordingly. It is decided how the treatment will be applied according to the need, such as a single tooth, bridge, full chin prosthesis, metal or metal support. If the patient decides to have the treatments recommended by the specialist dentists of our clinic for oral and dental health and the porcelain tooth veneer treatment, the procedures are started immediately.
  • When the treatments our dentists give are applied and the patient's oral and dental health problems are resolved, porcelain veneer treatment is started. In this treatment, local anesthesia is given to the patient so that he does not feel any pain. According to the treatment, one or more teeth are rubbed and ready for the veneer.
  • The dentist takes the size of the patient's teeth using intraoral photographing techniques and manual methods. Visual evaluations decide the color and shape of porcelain veneers through computer-aided programs. The design information, decided after the measurements are taken, is sent to the laboratory, and the personalized production of porcelain teeth is worshiped. Production can be completed in one or two weeks, depending on the laboratory's workload. To use it during this period, temporary dentures are produced on the same day and attached using temporary veneer tooth adhesives.
  • When veneer teeth are produced, the temporary teeth are easily removed, and your porcelain veneers are attached for testing. In the test performed by the patient and the dentist, criteria such as shape, color harmony with other teeth, tooth alignment, and aesthetic posture are considered. Porcelain veneer teeth, which received full marks from the patient and the dentist after the test, are permanently bonded using dental veneer adhesives. After this moment, the patient begins to enjoy life confidently with his renewed teeth.

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What are the Types of Dental Veneers?

Porcelain veneer procedures, which have existed for three centuries, develop treatment forms that will meet different needs during this period.

▪ Metal Backed Porcelain Veneer:

Although porcelain veneers are very durable, they are used by placing a metal abutment on the lower part of the molar teeth. In this way, the strength of the veneered tooth is increased. Since porcelain naturally has light transmittance, a slightly dark and dull whiteness occurs on the outer surface of the teeth in which metal abutments are used. This type of veneer is only somewhat suitable for use on anterior teeth.

▪ Full Porcelain Veneer (Empress – Emax):

This type of veneer, also called full porcelain tooth veneer, is the veneer of the entire crown area, which is the visible part of the tooth, with porcelain. No metal abutments are used. The surface of the porcelain tooth, prepared in accordance with the tooth that is etched for veneer, is covered with glass ceramic, and an aesthetically magnificent appearance is obtained. With this technique, the closest appearance to natural teeth is achieved. Although Empress and Emax veneers are the same procedure, Emax is a new form of treatment that allows for obtaining more durable porcelain teeth. Dentists mostly use it for use in anterior teeth.

▪ Porcelain Veneer with Zirconium Abutment:

It is used as an alternative to dental veneers with metal abutments. It is the procedure of porcelain veneer on the tooth, which has a strong resistance by making a zirconia veneer. It is also called zirconium tooth veneer. Although the zirconium element is a metal class element, it does not discolor under the tooth like metal abutments. This is because zirconium also has a certain light transmittance, although less than porcelain. Porcelain tooth veneers with zirconium abutments are as durable as veneer teeth with metal abutments. Its compatibility with oral tissues is excellent. For this reason, it is preferred by those with metal allergies.

▪ Porcelain Laminated Tooth Veneer (Laminated Veneer):

Although porcelain veneers are used with a certain amount of abrasion from every direction, porcelain laminated teeth or porcelain leaf porcelain teeth are applied only to the front visible part of the tooth surface. Porcelain laminated tooth, which is preferred for anterior teeth with not very high damage rate, is also called leaf laminated tooth because it is placed as a very thin layer. This type of veneer is mostly applied as an aesthetic operation. Not suitable for molars that perform the main chewing function.

Why Should I Get Porcelain Veneer?

  • If you have losses in your teeth due to caries,
  • If your teeth are damaged, such as chipped or cracked due to trauma,
  • If you have a yellowing-graying tooth color due to genetics or over time,
  • If you have crooked or split teeth that can be removed with a veneer,
  • If you do not want to have wire treatment,
  • If you want to achieve the smile aesthetic of your dreams with smile design work, you can have porcelain veneer.

What are the Benefits of Porcelain Veneer Teeth?

Porcelain veneer teeth;

  • Starting to consume foods that you have avoided for years,
  • Having teeth that are indistinguishable from your teeth,
  • Ensuring improvement in speaking ability,
  • Having durable teeth that you will use for years without any problems,
  • Having a smile that you can show without hesitation by getting rid of the trouble of hiding your teeth,
  • It has many benefits, such as feeling good and starting to enjoy life.

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What are the Damages of Porcelain Veneer Tooth?

If a specialist dentist does this treatment method correctly, there is no harm. However, if you are allergic to metal, you should not choose metal-supported veneer. Conditions such as deterioration in chewing, gingival recession, or decay of the covered tooth are usually caused by procedure or care defects. These damages are mostly preventable or preventable. You should pay attention to oral hygiene as you are more sensitive to tooth and gum diseases.

I Had Porcelain Veneer; What Should I Pay Attention To?

  • In the first stage of the treatment, nothing should be eaten or drunk for two hours after the local anesthesia is given while preparing the teeth.
  • When using temporary prostheses after etching, watery and soft foods should be consumed.
  • There may be tooth sensitivity lasting several weeks; this is temporary.
  • You should be careful when consuming crusty and hard foods and avoid contact that will damage your teeth.
  • You should not neglect your oral and dental care.
  • You should have your dentist check-ups twice a year.


How Much Are Porcelain Veneers Turkey Prices?

Porcelain tooth prices are shaped according to each patient and the treatment to be applied. Dental veneer prices vary depending on the preferred veneer type, the brand of the products used, and whether they are domestic or imported.

By making an appointment with our clinic, you can have more accurate information about veneer teeth prices after a short examination.

How Long Is the Life of the Veneer Tooth?

Just as the life of natural teeth changes depending on the structure and use, the life of the veneered tooth also changes. There may be patients who have been using their veneers for many years without any problems, as well as those whose veneer is broken due to not using it properly or who have to renew it because they need to pay attention to its care. If our patients use them by the recommendations of their dentists, they can use their veneers for 10-15 years and more without any problems.

Is there a need to change porcelain veneers?

Depending on use, porcelain veneers can be removed or replaced when a problem is encountered. When hygiene and maintenance rules are not followed, These procedures can be performed when gum diseases and tooth decay are experienced, in case of breakage due to contact with hard objects, or for cleaning purposes.

Does Porcelain Teeth Odor Over Time?

The factor that causes bad breath over time is the formation of bacterial plaque. This situation can be prevented by paying attention to oral hygiene, as with healthy natural teeth, food residues accumulated on veneer teeth mainly cause the odor. Since the veneers are fully compatible with the oral tissues, they do not cause odor due to the material used.

Are Porcelain Veneers Difficult to Maintain?

Porcelain veneers are relatively easy to care for; there is no other special care except brushing and flossing twice daily, as dentists recommend.

Should Metal Support or Zirconium Teeth Be Used for Porcelain Veneer?

If the veneer is to be applied to the molars on the back, the treatment should be decided by considering your allergy to the metal support. Your dentist's examination decides this. If the front teeth are to be covered, metal support is not recommended because it needs to be aesthetically sufficient. The zirconium tooth provides sufficient strength and aesthetic success to support the anterior teeth. Since it offers different advantages, it is best to decide which of these two methods will be preferred according to the region where the treatment will be applied.

What is the Difference Between Laminated Teeth and Porcelain Teeth?

Both of these procedures are made using porcelain-based materials. Laminate teeth are not used to replace missing teeth, but porcelain teeth can be used to replace missing teeth in bridge construction or full jaw prostheses. Laminated tooth veneer is preferred only for aesthetic purposes.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal-Resistant Dental Veneers?

The advantage of metal-based dental veneers is that it strengthens the strength of the porcelain veneer and offers safe and long-lasting use, especially on the back molars.

Among the disadvantages of using metal abutments are; It can be shown that it causes allergies in some patients, the metal color under the porcelain is felt, and it cannot be used on the front teeth.

Is Hot and Cold Sensitivity Experienced in Porcelain Veneer Teeth?

During the treatment, especially during the first preparation of the tooth, sensitivity is observed during hot, cold, and biting. This sensitivity decreases and disappears within a few weeks after placing the permanent porcelain tooth.

Does the Underlying Tooth Tissue Veneer Decay?

If the normal treatment procedure is followed and a meticulous study has been done, your veneered teeth will become more protected against decay. If there is no caries in your tooth before the veneer is applied, or if the existing carious area is completely cleaned, the underlying tooth tissue that is covered will not rot. As long as dental care is taken care of and regular dentist checks are made after the veneer is made, there is no cause for concern.

Are Teeth Cut for Porcelain Veneer?

This question about cutting teeth is a question that patients are very curious about and which causes them anxiety. Since cutting teeth did not sound good, some patients moved away from this treatment and had to endure the problems they experienced. For porcelain veneer, the teeth are not cut, and a small amount of abrasion is performed on the tooth tissue using special tools, enough for the veneer to adhere.

Does Gum Veneer Damage Tooth?

If the veneer size is taken correctly during the treatment and if it is worked with a professional laboratory during the production phase, the gums will not be damaged by the veneered tooth. The veneer must be dimensioned, produced, and adhered to in harmony with the gum line.

Does Porcelain Dental Veneer Cause an Allergic Reaction?

Porcelain material and other intermediate elements used do not cause allergic reactions as they are compatible with the human body. However, if the preferred veneer uses a metal abutment, a reaction may occur in patients with an allergic body. If a metal abutment is to be used for this, it is necessary to know whether the patient has allergies.

Does Porcelain Teeth Cause Pain?

Since the veneered tooth becomes healthier and more protected, it does not cause pain. Conditions that may cause pain in porcelain teeth; The veneer may not fit properly, contact with each other during biting, pressure on the gums, and internal decay may occur. Such situations are related to the procedure phase of the treatment and are preventable. For this reason, it is also important to get this service from a reliable clinic.

Do Tooth Veneers Turn Yellow?

Porcelain-based materials are resistant to yellowing and staining. Veneers that are maintained daily do not turn yellow. You should also show the sensitivity of tooth cleaning to your natural teeth for veneer teeth.