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What are the advantages of all on 4 dental implants? in Turkey, Istanbul

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What are the advantages of all on 4 dental implants? in Turkey, Istanbul

Comparison between all-on-four and other implant treatments

All on four is a very easy dental treatment for patients who have had their lower and upper jaw teeth pulled out a long time ago and have had bone resorption and jaw reduction.

  • Reaching the desired solution in a short time thanks to the low number of implants and the number of sessions required for the procedure compared to other implant treatments,
  • No need for any surgical procedure, such as bone grafting for bone resorption in the jaw,
  • Implants and temporary prostheses are placed in the jaw in one day,
  • Ensuring that edentulous patients return home with their teeth on the day of treatment,
  • Relief in one day from problems such as nausea caused by palatal prostheses,
  • With palatal prostheses (dentures), patients perceive the food's taste, flavor, and temperature incompletely. Since only the teeth are rehabilitated in all on four implant procedures, the patient's comfort in eating increases, the perception of taste, temperature, and taste is normalized,
  • Supporting the patient in pronouncing sounds correctly, eliminating speech problems,
  • Stopping the bone resorption problem that may progress thanks to the All on 4 treatment,
  • Easy to clean,
  • High success rate of treatment,
  • More economical than full mouth implant treatments,
  • The advantages of the all on 4 technique are that the patient does not remain toothless in any treatment period.

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