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What is Bone Grafting? When are Bone Grafts Treatments Used? in Turkey, Istanbul

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Don't try to eat anything just after dental implant in Turkey, Istanbul
  • In some of our patients, there may be serious losses in the jaw bones due to the long period of time after tooth extraction or the use of dentures, which we call full jaw removable prosthesis, for many years.

  • In order to better explain this issue, it would be appropriate to give information about the structure of the jaw bones. The jawbones are the main elements in which the tooth roots are preserved and carry the tooth.

  • Don't try to eat anything just after dental implant in Turkey, Istanbul
  • Gums, on the other hand, are structures that surround the tooth in an aesthetic sense. Jawbones are structures that maintain vitality and healthy depending on the active use of teeth. Just as our muscles are healthy and stronger when we exercise, and muscle loss is prevented, the jaw bones become stronger and healthier when actively used. Our teeth must stimulate the bone structure. Since there is no stimulus for the jawbone in tooth loss and the use of dentures for many years, the bone structure begins to weaken and needs to be strengthened by external intervention.

  • Don't try to eat anything just after dental implant in Turkey, Istanbul
  • With the process we call bone graft or bone graft treatment, bone depth and width can be brought back to the desired level by applying to the weak bone area with the tissues we provide from the patient or with externally supplied bone graft materials. Externally sourced materials may optionally be of synthetic or animal origin. If tissue is to be taken from the patient, the hip, leg, or collarbones are suitable areas for this procedure.

  • The fusion and hardening of the tissues should be expected for about 3 months after the dental bone graft surgery, which is applied after the material selection that the patient and the physician will decide on together.

  • Sinus lift treatment

  • Sinus lift treatment or zygoma implant procedures can be performed as an alternative to bone graft treatment for bone loss in the upper jaw. However, only dental bone graft treatment is applied in the lower jaw, and the treatment period may be extended in patients with a lot of bone loss.

  • After this treatment, dental implants can be safely applied to the jawbones that reach the appropriate volume.

  • For more detailed information, please contact us or visit us at our dental clinic.