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What is the all on 4 technique? What is the process of all on 4? in Turkey, Istanbul

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What is all on 4 technique?

All on four techniques; It is a procedure that solves the problem of edentulism for people who have reached an advanced level of melting of the jawbone due to teeth extracted a long time ago, who have no teeth in total (no teeth left in the mouth).

In the early period, tooth extractions usually occur in the posterior teeth. As a result, bone losses in the jaw occur mostly in this region. There is enough bone in the front of the jaw for the implanted tooth. With the implants placed in the front of the jaw in the All-on-four technique, the patient gets rid of the toothlessness problem without the need for advanced surgical intervention.

Advanced surgical interventions in edentulous patients include bone grafting and sinus elevation. Bone graft: It is applied in cases where the melting of the jawbone is advanced, or the jawbone is lost after trauma. The bone graft is surgically made suitable for the jawbone implant procedure. This is an improvement in the bone. Sinus elevation: It is a surgical intervention performed when there is insufficient bone height in the upper jaw in classical implants.

All on four implants can be applied to all edentulous patients (who do not have any teeth in their mouths) who do not have any discomfort that may interfere with the dental implant. You can come to our clinic for more clear and explanatory information and have your preliminary examination.

What is the process of all on 4 implants?

  • When the patient comes to the clinic, the general examination of the patient is done first.
  • The patient's radiological examination and chin tomography are taken.
  • If all on four technique is decided, treatment planning is done. After the temporary prosthesis measurements to be inserted after the procedure are taken, the prostheses are prepared.
  • Our experienced dentists apply one of the techniques of local anesthesia, sedation, or general anesthesia, taking into account the patient's excitement, fear, and anxiety.
  • Our successful doctors perform four dental implant procedures, first on the upper jaw and then on the lower jaw, with an all-on-four technique. When the procedure is finished, temporary prostheses are attached to the patient. The patient leaves the clinic without missing teeth.
What is the all on 4 technique? in Turkey, Istanbul

The application stages of the Al On Four Technique are;

There is a recovery period of 3 months after the procedure. During this time, the implants integrate with the jawbone. Oral care and dentist controls are very important after implants are made with the All-on-four technique. Oral care and physician controls should be addressed to avoid implant loss.

All on four is a reliable technique that has been applied for many years.

A total of 8 implants are made, 4 to the upper jaw and 4 to the lower jaw. In the All on four techniques, implant lengths, arrangement, and screwing angles differ from conventional implants. The correct application of this technique is directly related to the dentist's experience. 4 implants in each jaw serve as the main anchor. The jaw is rehabilitated by placing 12 teeth in a single prosthesis. We are waiting for you in our clinic to be examined by our experienced dentists and to get rid of the problems of total edentulism with their treatments.

When performing dental implants in the lower and upper jaw, the implants are placed parallel to each other. Care is taken to ensure that the screws do not come into the sinus cavity in the upper jaw. The most distinctive feature of the all-on four technique is angled implants.At least 6 implants are used in fixed jaw implants. However, the same efficiency is achieved with 4 implants thanks to the angled dental implant.

The dental implant used in the All on 4 technique is much larger than other conventional implants. In this way, the implants receive support from the jaw bones and remove the load caused by chewing. It shows stronger resistance against the pressure created by chewing. Implants are long-lasting as they fuse with the jawbone and integrate. In addition, the implant placed in the jaw prevents the problem of jaw bone resorption.

Correct, effective oral care and regular dentist checks are very important after implant treatment with the All On Four technique; they should always be addressed.

For more detailed information, please contact us or visit us at our dental clinic.