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What processes are involved in digital smile design in Turkey, Istanbul?

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Since the smile design procedure is personal, one or more of the procedures written below can be applied according to the patient's condition. These;

Which Procedures Does Smile Makeover Consist of? in Turkey, Istanbul

Improvement processes in tooth color:

Over time, various reasons such as antibiotic use, tooth filling, eating habits, caries, discoloration, and staining problems may occur in the natural teeth of individuals. Even if such situations do not constitute a health problem for the person, they disrupt the smile aesthetics of the person and cause a bad appearance. Individuals experiencing such problems can achieve more natural and whiter teeth with various teeth whitening procedures. Tooth color is a very important issue in many dental practices.

To solve the problems in tooth color, teeth whitening, also known as bleaching, is the most known and applied method. Thus, much whiter and brighter teeth are obtained. Teeth cleaning and subsequent polishing is a very effective method for regaining the natural color of your teeth.

Restoration of missing and broken teeth:

Missing and broken teeth cause health problems and deterioration of smile aesthetics. For example, after a broken tooth is not treated, the risk of tooth decay increases, and an aesthetically ugly appearance may occur. For this purpose, missing and broken teeth are treated with different procedures such as an implant, bridge treatment, and veneer while making smile design procedure, and they gain both a healthy and aesthetic appearanbce.

Treatment of crooked tooth alignment:

Crooked and crooked front teeth are important factors that disrupt smile aesthetics. To correct the bad image created by these, slightly crooked teeth are aligned and smoothed using a porcelain veneer process and methods such as Invisalign clear aligners procedures in advanced ones.

Lengthening of teeth:

With the advancement of age, wear and shortening of individuals' teeth may occur. This situation causes a very bad aesthetic appearance. Short teeth and long gums make a person look older. For this purpose, in smile design procedures, tooth length is extended by applying porcelain veneers to the anterior teeth and aligning the gum line.

Harmonizing the teeth:

Incompatibilities such as color differences in the teeth, fracture and crack situations, and differences in tooth lengths are eliminated with smile design procedures, allowing the person to have a more aesthetic smile.

Making veneer teeth:

The dental veneer process is one of the most important treatment methods used in smile design procedures. Broken, rotten, and cracked teeth are repaired with dental veneers, giving them both a healthy and aesthetic appearance. In this context, natural teeth are restored with metal and non-metal materials. For this purpose, dental veneers made mostly of porcelain and zirconium are used.

Improvement of gingival aesthetics (pink aesthetic):

Gums, as well as teeth, are an important element that creates your smile aesthetics. The appearance of the gums more than the teeth during smiling makes an ugly and unaesthetic appearance, and this causes your teeth to appear shorter. Again, due to gingivitis, problems such as bruising, redness, and swelling in the teeth cause deterioration of dental aesthetics. This situation is eliminated with tartar cleaning and necessary drug treatments, and the aesthetic appearance of the gums is regained.

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