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Zirconium Crowns in Turkey - Advantages - Prices - Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dentistry - Istanbul Dental Clinic

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At Clinic One, we're the experts in crafting beautiful zirconium crowns that redefine your smile. Our tailored approach ensures each patient receives a treatment plan designed exclusively for them, delivering the best quality-to-cost ratio. With cutting-edge technology, including digital dentistry and 3D scanning, our digital laboratory, housed in Istanbul's premier facility, guarantees top-notch crowns that are both cost-effective and time-efficient.

Unveiling Zirconium Crowns

Wondering about Zirconium Crowns? Look no further. Zirconium crowns are a favored choice among those seeking both aesthetics and durability. With its ability to replicate the natural appearance of teeth, zirconium offers a comfortable solution for tooth loss and unsightly teeth.

dental implants Turkey
dental implants Turkey

Your Journey to a Radiant Smile

Embarking on your path to a gleaming smile is simple:

  1. Patient-Centric Approach: We prioritize understanding your aspirations and concerns. Your consultation guides our approach, ensuring your expectations are met.
  2. Precise Treatment: From tooth preparation to digital design, our skilled dentists meticulously craft zirconium crowns that fit seamlessly, enhancing both function and aesthetics.
  3. Elevate Your Confidence: Embrace life with renewed confidence as you flaunt your stunning zirconium crowns. Our efficient process saves you time and ensures lasting results.

Benefits That Shine

Choosing Clinic One for your zirconium crowns grants you:

  • Aesthetic Excellence: Zirconium crowns match the natural look of your teeth, enhancing your smile's appeal.
  • Gum Compatibility: Metal-free design means no irritation or discoloration of gums, ensuring a harmonious fit.
  • Durability and Longevity: Zirconium crowns are built to last, offering up to two decades of dependable use.
  • Swift, Painless Process: Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, your treatment journey is comfortable and efficient.
Zirconium crowns match the natural look of your teeth in Turkey, Istanbul

Your Istanbul Experience

Pair your dental transformation with an unforgettable Istanbul experience. While receiving exceptional care, explore the vibrant city with your loved ones, making your journey truly memorable.

Unlock Your Zirconium Crown Quote

Ready to enhance your smile? Reach out to Clinic One and experience the transformation firsthand. Discover the perfect blend of quality, aesthetics, and affordability as you embrace your radiant zirconium crowns. Contact us today for a personalized consultation.

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>WHAT IS ZIRCONIUM CROWN? in Turkey, Istanbul

Zirconium crown is one of the most preferred types of dental crowns for those who want their teeth to gain a more aesthetic appearance. Zircon teeth are a technology that dentists rely on in terms of meeting their expectations for both durability and natural appearance.

Those with tooth loss and teeth that are not suitable in appearance no longer need to postpone their treatment. Our patients, who have been dreaming of a comfortable smile for years and have to limit what they eat, return to a comfortable life in a short time with the zirconium dental Crown treatment applied by our experienced dentists in our clinic.

If you are considering zirconium teeth, you can read the rest of our article to find answers to your questions. You can get your dream smile and healthy teeth by appointment with our clinic.

What is Zirconium Crown?

Zirconium crown is one of the dental crown treatments; It is a form of treatment that makes it possible to compensate for lost teeth with aesthetic expectations or for prosthetic purposes. Regardless, our patients want their teeth to look nice and like natural teeth after dental Crown treatment. In our clinic, zirconium dental Crown treatment is highly preferred to meet our patients' aesthetic expectations.

What is zirconium? The question is also asked frequently. Although zirconium is a metal group element, it is a widely used material in dentistry in terms of both light transmission and strength. It has been developed as an alternative to metal-supported porcelain Crowns. It is fully compatible with oral tissues. Since it does not need any infrastructure, it can be designed in full compliance with the gums. It can be easily used in single-tooth or block-tooth closures and bridge construction.

This crown treatment is preferred for aesthetic purposes as well as for health reasons. Since it is a popular treatment, it is common for our patients to come to our clinic and request zirconium teeth. As in every treatment, in the treatment of Crown teeth, it is necessary to pay attention to the evaluations of the dentist as well as the demands of the patient. It would be prudent to consult a reliable dentist and then decide on the treatment for dental Crowns with a wide range of procedure areas and materials used in the Crown.

How is Zirconium Dental Treatment Performed?

First, we listen very well to our patients who prefer our clinic. We attach great importance to learning about the expectations of our patients from the treatment as well as their complaints. We can design Crown teeth with our patients through the photographs closest to the patient's face and dental structure and expectations from the cases we have worked with before.

We evaluate the current state of the teeth and gums in line with the expectations of the patient we examined. We decide whether the problematic teeth are suitable for zirconium crown and the preliminary procedures for this restorative treatment. If there are treatments to be given priority for oral health, we complete them first.

For example, if there are conditions such as gum recession and tooth inflammation, we prioritize treating these disorders. Then, we take the measurements of the teeth and digital image records and subject them to the abrasion process around the teeth to be Crowned under local anesthesia. This abrasion, which we call tooth preparation, covers the crown part of the tooth. This process is necessary to adhere to the dental Crown, covering the entire visible part of the tooth.

Afterward, we start the construction of the temporary teeth by taking the re-measurement of the worn teeth and placing the temporary teeth on the same day. The main thing is that we design zirconium tooth models in a digital environment with our patients. In this design, we evaluate elements such as the color, shape, length of the tooth, lip distance, nose, and jaw structure.

We evaluate and rehearse the Crown teeth prepared in the laboratory with our patient. After obtaining the approval of our patient and dentist, we sterilize the teeth that we have prepared with the abrasion process and perform the cementation process with anti-rotation adhesives. After this stage, the zirconium crown treatment is completed. Now, our patient, who has the teeth of his dreams, can step into a new life with his eye-catching teeth and smile.

What are the Advantages of Zirconium Dental Crowns Compared to Porcelain Crowns?

Zirconium Crown has many advantages over classical porcelain Crowns, mostly using metal support.

  • Light transmittance of metal-supported porcelain is low. It does not fully meet aesthetic expectations. Zirconium teeth have more opportunities to meet our patients' expectations regarding aesthetics. It is more suitable for a natural appearance.
  • Since there is no metal support in zirconium tooth construction, the edges of the tooth crown can be designed thinner. In this way, since the Crown fits perfectly on the gums, there is no compatibility problem in the gums.
  • Since there is no pressure on the gingiva, bruising or dark colors are not seen on the gingival margins.
  • Depending on age, there is some recession in the gums; in such cases, the zirconium tooth does not create a bad appearance.

Is there a Zirconium Bridge?

Our patients, who have missing teeth or problematic teeth, request a zirconium bridge when there is more than one tooth to be intervened due to aesthetic concerns. Although zirconium is preferred for its light transmittance, other criteria should be considered in bridge construction. In cases where the bridge's distance is appropriate, the dentist can easily prefer zirconium, especially for the crown of the teeth on the front. However, if the area where the bridge will be used is on the back teeth or if it will be used at a very long distance, the dentist may recommend an alternative treatment method.

Should Zirconium Bridge or Single Tooth Zirconium Crown be Preferred in Multiple Tooth Missing?

When there is a need for zirconium crowns on more than one adjacent tooth, the dentist can either Crown each tooth individually or may prefer to make more than one tooth in blocks by means of a zirconium bridge Crown.

If the teeth maintain their vitality, zirconia teeth can be made separately. However, if the teeth needing Crown have undergone root canal treatment, the dentist may turn to bridge Crowns. The reason for this is that there is a possibility of rupture of the upper part of the tooth when the crown is applied to the teeth that have undergone root canal treatment. Since we do not want the zirconium crown to be damaged by the rupture of the upper parts of the teeth, connecting the teeth by means of a bridge is a more appropriate treatment.

In addition, in cases where the teeth are very small, zirconia teeth may not be preferred separately. There may also be problems in the crown of teeth that are very small in volume. Teeth with a small volume may not be suitable for the abrasion process required for the Crown tooth. In this case, zirconia teeth can be used as a bridge.

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Should Metal Supported Porcelain or Zirconium Crown Supported Porcelain Be Used in Bridge Construction?

We benefit from bridge treatment when patients who come to our clinic need more than one tooth covering next to each other or to compensate for missing teeth. In the cases we mentioned, if it is decided to cover in the form of a bridge, a support structure in the form of metal-supported or zirconium tooth crown can be used depending on the area where the tooth crown will be made. Both of these substructures are covered with a porcelain Crown.

If the teeth needing a bridge are on the back, metal support with higher strength may be preferred. One of the reasons why metal support is preferred for the teeth on the back is that the shading in the color of the tooth caused by the metal infrastructure can be tolerated in the posterior teeth. For anterior teeth, it is not preferred in terms of aesthetics. Metal-supported porcelain Crowns create a grayish color on the gums and cause damage and odor to the gums over time. It is useful to know this situation if necessary.

In bridge construction, zirconium crowns are also used very successfully as infrastructure. It is especially preferred in anterior teeth in bridge crowns for aesthetic purposes. Excellent results can be obtained with zirconium in terms of light transmission. Porcelain Crowns on zirconium Crown can be used for results closer to the natural tooth appearance.

Zircon teeth do not cause any irritation or odor in the gums. Since it has low thermal conductivity, it does not cause sensitivity in the teeth.

However, zirconium tooth prices are a little more costly than metal-supported dental Crowns. Our patients who want to reduce the cost can also choose metal-supported bridges. It is also possible to prefer zirconium crowns, which are advantageous in aesthetics, health, and longevity. As a result of our patient's evaluation of the advantages offered in price and use, a choice is made between two crown types.

Smile Aesthetics Performed With Zirconium Crown?

This Crown dental treatment is very convenient for meeting the expectations regarding smile aesthetics. The imagined smile design can be made by evaluating our patients' noses, lips, chin, and facial structures with all their lines. According to the evaluations, the teeth in the most suitable size and shape are presented to our patients through sample designs. We attach importance to our patient's smile and follow the lower lip line of his teeth, and we make the necessary interventions in our designs during rehearsals. Zirconium tooth crown is used successfully in smile aesthetics.

How Long Does the Zirconium Dental Crown Treatment Take?

The duration varies according to the variety of treatments needed by the patients. Zirconium Crowns can be completed within a week if the patient's oral and dental health is suitable. Temporary teeth are placed on the same day by abrading their teeth together with the examination of our patients. After our patient decides on the color and shape of the tooth, Crown teeth are produced and rehearsed; if any, the changes requested by our patient are made, and the treatment is completed within a week in three or four sessions total. It should be noted again that factors such as the additional treatments to be performed before the Crown treatment of the patients and the number of teeth to be Crowned may extend the period.

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To Whom Is Zirconium Tooth Crown Applied?

There are many reasons why zirconium crown is preferred. Usually, this treatment:

  • For those who have broken or missing teeth in sports injuries.
  • For those with missing teeth in the occurrence of accidental trauma.
  • Those with gaping and crooked teeth.
  • Those who have discoloration of their teeth.
  • Those who have height differences in their teeth.
  • For those who want to change their metal-supported bridges.
  • For those who want to renew old type and bad-looking fillings.
  • It is made for those who want an aesthetic smile design.


How Much Are Zirconium Crown Prices?

Our patients have been told very different numbers about dental Crown prices. The Crown tooth prices are so different from each other, mainly due to the Crown material used. Zirconium crown prices also vary according to the characteristics of the zirconium material used in the treatment and the glass porcelain used on it. It will be healthier to give a price after the material selection, which will be determined according to the expectations of our patients from the examination and treatment.

How Long is the Life of Zirconium Teeth?

In our article, we talked about the strength of the zirconium tooth. If our patient does not suffer from clenching and normally avoids the use that may damage his teeth, the life of the zirconium crown teeth will be twenty years or more.

Does Zirconium Crown Cause Gingival Inflammation?

A gingivitis originating from zirconium used in dental Crowns is not possible. Zirconium is a material that is fully biologically compatible with teeth and gums.

However, a dental Crown is a treatment that requires expertise and experience. If the dentist needs more experience, there may be undesirable results if mistakes are made in measuring or gluing the Crown teeth. In some cases, tooth crown pressing on the gum can cause discoloration and inflammation of the gums over time. Therefore, the competence of the preferred clinic and dentist for treatment is very important. In addition, it is seen that our patients neglect the cleaning and maintenance of their dental Crowns, saying that they do not rot somehow. If daily dental care and hygiene are insufficient, gingivitis may occur.

As a result, as a result of correct treatment and dental care, zirconium teeth do not cause gingival inflammation.

Does Zirconium Tooth Decay?

The adhesive material between the dental Crown and the tooth also protects the tooth against decay. However, the outer parts of the covered tooth are vulnerable to external factors, and care should be taken. As long as our patients do their daily care, there is no case of caries. If the bonding process causes negligence during the zirconium crown, caries may start from this part and may appear years later.

As a result, due to the proper preparation of the tooth to be Crowned and the proper bonding of the zirconium crown, there is no decay caused by the zirconium tooth.

Does Crown Cause Bad Breath?

Zirconia teeth do not cause bad breath in our patients who are adhered to with a professional procedure and pay attention to daily hygiene rules. However, if there is a gap between the tooth crown and the tooth and gum during the bonding process, the food residues accumulating there may cause bad breath.

In the dentist's practice, zirconium crown does not cause bad breath if the edges of the Crown and the gingiva are fully compatible and adhered correctly.

Do Zircon Teeth Change Color Over Time?

Zircon Crown teeth are resistant to staining caused by consumed food and drink. Due to its structure, stains can't penetrate into the zirconium crown. When brushed regularly, it can be used as long as on the first day.

However, in patients who smoke a lot and do not pay attention to the care of their teeth, staining occurs even if it takes a much longer time than normal teeth. Since this stain will not penetrate the inner structure of the crown, the dentist can completely remove the staining in a few minutes. Even after thirty years, zircon does not deteriorate in tooth color.

Does Zirconium Dental Crown Have Special Care?

First, even if our patients do not have zirconium teeth or any other prosthetic procedure in their mouth, they should brush their teeth twice daily for three minutes. This care must be done in terms of normal dental health. Although the zirconia tooth discolors later than normal teeth, this routine care prevents staining and bacterial accumulation on the teeth and protects against tooth and gum diseases. Dental floss will also be beneficial if our patients can make a mouthwash, mouthwash, or habit. Dentist controls should be done every six months.
There is no need for special care for the zirconium tooth.

Is there an Age Limit for Zirconium Crown?

The patient must have completed his physical development if this treatment is to be used, especially on bridges. Eighteen years can be considered as a lower limit. Apart from this, this crown can be preferred by all our young, middle-aged, and older patients.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Zirconium Dental Crowns?

Its biggest disadvantage is its high cost compared to metal-supported porcelains. However, it should be remembered that metal-supported porcelain Crowns must be replaced more frequently than zirconium. In this case, it will benefit our patients to consider the cost of metal-supported porcelain in the long term.

Zircon teeth are not preferred in very long bridge use and in cases where the number of missing teeth is high. Although its strength is high, turning to metal-supported porcelain in such cases may be necessary.

Does Zircon Teeth Break?

Under normal conditions, zirconia teeth do not break. However, despite its very high strength, fractures may occur in those who have teeth clenching and grinding disorders. In addition, our patients should protect their teeth from hard foods and objects.

Is Zirconium Crown on the Implant Applied?

Zirconium Crown can be preferred on the anterior teeth for crowns on implants. Metal-supported crowns may be preferred if full-mouth implants are used in the treatment or very long bridges on the implant will be used. It would be misleading to say that this is the best material in Crown treatments. You must follow your dentist's recommendations regarding the materials used in the treatment